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Metal Decorating


Conventional & UV Ink

  • Neutral White
  • Process Cyan
  • Process Magenta
  • Process Yellow
  • Process Black
External White

External White Coat And Varnish For General Line

  • Acrylic White Coat
  • Polyester White Coat
  • Alkyd Varnish
  • Acrylic Varnish
  • Epoxy Ester Varnish
  • BPA NI White Coat
Crown Cork Or Bottle Cap

Crown Cork Or Bottle Cap

  • Organosol (internal of the Crown Cork)
  • Gold Size Coat (external of Crown Cork)
  • Silver Size Coat (external of Crown Cork)
Twist Off Cap

Twist Off Cap Or Lug Cap

  • Internal Polyester Size
  • Internal Organosol White
  • External Polyester White
  • External Polyester Varnish
Food Cans

Food Cans – 3 Piece Can Internal

  • Epoxy Phenolic Gold Lacquer
    (for food cans, acidic content (pH 3-7))
  • Epoxy Anhydride White Lacquer
    (for tomato paste cans)
  • Aluminized Lacquer
    (for emulsion paint cans, Alkaline content (pH 7-10))
Food Cans – 2

Food Cans – 2 Piece Can Internal/External

  • Polyester White Coating
  • Polyester Varnish
  • Aluminized Lacquer
  • Polyester Internal White-BPA NI