Flint Ink & Chemical Industry Private Limited

Flint Ink & Chemical Industry Pte Ltd
was established in 1980 as a manufacturer producing printing inks, coatings and chemicals for various platforms of printing applications.

To date, we have developed a comprehensive range of products that meets all the needs of printers. Our continued emphasis on our technical capabilities allows us to constantly develop cutting edge printing solutions for the industry.

It is this pursuit of competitive value for our clients, that has enabled us to expand our service to more than 1000 companies world wide, and to reach across various platforms such as Flexo, Gravure, Offset, UV and Security printing etc.

We aim to deliver high standards in customer service, consistency in product quality and constant innovation in print solutions, as we continue to serve our partners in the printing industry

Corporate Vision:
“A World Of Color”

“A World of Color” articulates our corporate vision to create value for our clients as well as impact society and the environment positively. We create value for our customers by ensuring high product quality and competitive pricing for all our products. We deliver consistent and high standard of service by establishing our 360 degree customer care ecosystem for the customers.

We constantly pursue technical innovation to produce cutting edge products and services for the industry. We care for the environment through responsible use and reduction, recycling of our resources.